Build Buzz With These Social Media Marketing Techniques

March 9, 2020 Noah

Building buzz is creating anticipation about a product in the minds of people. This tactic increases the probability of turning prospects or leads into customers. This is one of the marketing strategies followed by brands to maximize their brand awareness and conversion rates. Harnessing social media, many brands have benefitted by building buzz for their products in the recent past that has fetched them huge profit. The ultimate goal of buzz marketing is to generate word of mouth marketing, making two or a group of people speak on a particular brand, which in turn enhances the credibility and reputation of the brand. Word of mouth marketing has a credible effect as people are more likely to buy the products that are suggested by people around them rather than the products promoted on Television, Print, or on any other medium. Thus, many brands focus on framing their marketing strategies in a way that could generate word of mouth marketing, stimulating people to talk about them.

Harness Social Media To Build Buzz

With billions of people surfing social media platforms every day, brands can leverage these platforms to build buzz for their products and maximize their sales. Social platforms that were rolled out in recent times are garnering an impressive user base in a short span of time, opening doors for marketers to reach out to new customers. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter keep rolling out new features to their applications enabling brands to get closer to their customers. Harnessing these features and new social media platforms, brands could easily build buzz for their products. Let us have a look at some of the effective measures that go best for building buzz.

Grab The Eyeballs With Videos

The best tactic to build buzz for your brand is to come up with videos that could easily grab the attention of the people. If you are about to launch a new product on the market, its sales could rise only if many people get to know about it. On the other hand, the credibility it could garner also decides the upliftment of its sales. Buzz marketing facilitates the process of attaining these goals.

Release Sneak Peek

Before launching a product, release a sneak peek of the product. The sneak peek should be short and crispy that could build anticipation in the minds of the viewers. Showcase the unique features of the product in the sneak peek, which you consider could drive sales. This will tempt people to know more about the product that eventually drives them to know about the launching date of the product. Therefore, this will stimulate people to talk about the product among their communities. Thus, many will come to know about the product. Brands should keep the momentum sustaining by promoting the sneak peek on multiple social platforms. As Facebook and Instagram are becoming more video-centric, boosting the sneak peek on these platforms will fuel up the anticipation about the product among people. On the other hand, through social media services brands can attain their results quickly. For instance, one can buy TikTok likes to grow popularity instantly.

Facebook Live

Going Facebook Live has its very own advantage as everyone who has liked your page will receive notification that you are on live. Reports suggest that Facebook Live videos have 6x more interactions than normal videos. This clearly shows how Facebook Live can be utilized as an effective tool for generating a buzz. Conducting live sessions before launching a product is a vital measure required to make people stay aware of the product. Giving a detailed interpretation of the specifications of the product and engaging with the audience by replying to their queries will leave a good first impression of the product among people.

Build Curiosity

Building curiosity without revealing anything about the product can eventually generate buzz. For instance, if you are about to launch a new bike in the market, just reveal only the date and time of its launch. Post videos or images across social platforms with the date and time of its launch without mentioning anything else about the new bike and its specifications. This will build curiosity among people to know about the new bike, its looks, and its specifications. Add catchy titles that would add fuel to their anticipation about the product. This will make people discuss the new product, thus garnering wide attention. Upload the post on Instagram and Facebook stories frequently until the date of its launch and make it stay in the minds of people. Following this strategy will benefit the brands as their product will grab the spotlight even before its launch.

‘Unwrap’ Behind The Scenes

People are always curious about knowing how products are manufactured. ‘Factory Made,’ a television series of Discovery channel which telecasts the manufacturing process of products is one among the series of the channel with a huge viewer base. The show will take people to the factory and let people know every single process involved in manufacturing a product. Thus, brands should make use of this human psychology in their strategies and let people know how their products are manufactured. This will build credibility for the brand among people as they will know how much effort is being put to deliver them the product they need. Come up with such videos of your products and post them on social platforms. Post the video link on Facebook and Instagram stories as stories have more engagement rates than that of feed.

Usually, entrepreneurs have surpassed many hurdles before turning successful. If you are one among them, let people know your story and the hardships you have overcome. This will build an emotional connection for your brand among people. If you are one such entrepreneur who has surpassed hardships, go live and interact with people as you might have turned into their icon after hearing your story.

Conduct Contests

Contests are one of the best ways to make people stay glued with your brand. Conducting contests periodically will make people check your social media pages frequently. This will let them know all the new updates you have made on your page. Contests have to be in a way that should initiate a conversation about your brand among people.


For instance, post a questionnaire on your Instagram story, asking people when a specific product of your brand was launched. This will let people approach their neighborhoods and friends for answers. Thus, by this measure, people who are unaware of your product will also come to know about it. Some might google your questions and come to know more about your brand.


Post any of your product images and ask people to come up with a catchy title. Ask people to post the picture and caption in their respective accounts and tag you in them. This will maximize your brand awareness. Curate the best captions and post them on your page. If the captions are intriguing, more people may share them to their accounts.

Tie-Up With Influencers

Influencer marketing is going to take center stage in social media marketing this year. Tie-up with an influencer whose personality or profession could align with your brand. For instance, collaborating with Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt for promoting a sports drink will do no wonders for its sales. Thus, brands should collaborate with appropriate influencers and launch campaigns. As the influencer would already possess a good reputation among people, promoting your product through him will eventually create a buzz for your product.


The rise of social media platforms has enabled brands to generate buzz for their products at ease. However, brands have to frame strategies depending on the social platform they choose to market their product. Generating buzz will help products to improve their brand awareness that could end up in maximization of their sales.