How TikTok Stories Can Be Used For Promotions?

December 7, 2021 John

TikTok Stories is from the minimal-duration video social platform which is in its pilot version. It is a known fact that TikTok has a wide array of features. However, this is the feature that is consumed more often. There are many reasons why this feature has been used frequently over others. If you are bewildered about how to use this feature, then this article is for you. Read this article and learn how to use this feature for promotions. Note down the points that catch your attention, as they will play a significant role in framing your content.

The Launch Of Stories Feature

TikTok has launched this feature recently. Even the social applications that were introduced after TikTok have this feature. But, TikTok is late to the party. However, TikTok’s moves are always unique, and they will provide them with better results. So, there will be a reason behind the late launch of this feature. The stories section will facilitate making the content reach its target audience. As soon as the feature was introduced, many started to use it as it provided them with better growth. Slowly, it is becoming one of the significant features of TikTok as many have begun to use this feature frequently. Research from Trollishly has stated that TikTok Stories are attaining a staggering reach of 2x higher engagement than the usual posts. Due to this notable reach, many have started to use this feature.

The Need For Stories Feature

Currently, this feature is recording the highest engagement over all other features of TikTok. It has eased the process of driving content to its target audience. The organic reach of content has reduced considerably in many social platforms, including TikTok. For instance, if your content reached nearly a thousand people two years ago, now it will be viewed by only five hundred people. Such is the drop in the organic reach of the content over time. Brands can use it to make the content reach many people. So, it is suggested to use this feature. If you upload a video to TikTok, you can share that with the TikTok Stories section. Hence, it will appear in the stories section feature of your followers. The possibility is high for many people to see the content uploaded to this section rather than the standard posts. So, using this feature in such a manner can deliver sufficient traffic to your content and drive your growth.

TikTok Stories For Marketing

TikTok Stories is a suitable tool for brand awareness. It will also work well to increase social sales. Currently, many social media marketers have started to focus on TikTok for brand marketing. They feel that increasing social sales is relatively more straightforward through this stories section. It is almost a fact that this feature can offer impressive results for social sales. You can use this feature for impulse marketing. You can easily evoke the emotions of the viewers and drive them to take action through this feature. Running ads through TikTok Stories can provide you with exhilarating results and provide you with the expected growth. Adding the call to action feature to the stories section can level up your social sales.

Works Best For Impulse Marketing

TikTok Stories feature will work in the best manner for Impulse Marketing. Here, I will suggest how to craft the strategy for this marketing strategy. The key benefit of this feature is that it can help you to witness instant results. It will take time to drive the prospect to the bottom of the sales funnel in other strategies. Hence, using TikTok Stories as the medium for impulse marketing will deliver you instant results.

The primary necessary factor for this marketing strategy is framing engaging content. If you are going to promote apparel, choose a handsome model with good looks. The color tone you use in the video will play a massive role in catching the attention of the viewer. So, be cautious and put the necessary efforts into researching the perfect color tone for your content. If it matches well and catches the audience’s eyeballs, then driving them to take action will be easier.

If they like the product displayed in the video, their focus will move towards the call to action feature. Hence, most probably, they will take action and move to the check-out page. Now, you can understand the potential of TikTok Stories for social sales. You can effortlessly reach your sales target through TikTok marketing. Achieving maximum growth for your brand will happen easily if you understand the nature of the TikTok Stories and use it to frame ideal strategies.

Ideal For Instant Updates

The TikTok Stories section will work in the best way to make any new announcements. Currently, many companies have their official page on TikTok. They will launch new products, expand their company or open new branches. So, they have to make their customers and prospects know about the launch. They can use the stories section for this purpose as it has a good engagement and visibility rate. If a brand posts content on the stories section, its followers’ stories section will be updated with this content. Those followers will check the content on this section when they open the stories tab. So, using this feature will work well to spread a message. There can also be various other advantages from this feature. Hence, if you explore this feature, you can also know about the different purposes for using it.

Benefits Influencers Extensively

Influencer Marketing is one of the powerful marketing strategies. Marketers explore new ways to do promotions on TikTok every day. No other marketing techniques have offered better results as influencer marketing to date. According to recent data from Trollishly, Influencer Marketing will improve to USD 24.1 billion by 2025. It is going to be the future of marketing.

The Stories section is a great boon to the Influencers. The videos that Influencers upload on TikTok can be pinned to the Stories section. Subsequently, they can take the content to the view of many people. The primary goal of social media content is to increase its visibility rate. So, the stories section will work suitably to increase the traction of the TiKTok content. In addition, influencers can also create short videos that can fit within the duration of the stories section. Shorter duration videos are performing exceptionally well on all the social platforms. So, Influencers can upload shorter duration videos to the stories section. Hence, the stories section also benefits the Influencers.

TikTok Influencers can also take advantage of this feature as a conversational medium. Many Influencers have already started using this feature, and they are having a decent engagement for their content. The stories section can also be used to build a connection with your audience. The feature works well to launch polls and ask opinions. Hence, Influencers must understand this feature and use it for their growth. They can quickly improve their popularity through the stories section.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is expected to add many more features to its stories section. For example, new filters can be added to show a variety in the color tone of the videos. Hence, many are about to be added to the Stories section. Thus, it is about to earn a crucial role for B2C marketing very soon.