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Our Legit Customer Reviews

At Trollishly, we do have a handful of clients who are very much satisfied with using our services. Want to know more about their POV? Keep reading to see what they say about us!

“Trollishly is the best service provider that I have ever tried! I stumbled upon this site and decided to purchase Instagram likes. I was hesitant since it was my first purchase. But you guys made my day! My order was delivered within minutes after purchase. Their customer service is fantastic! Thank you and incredible job, team!”

Jillian Wyatt


on Instagram Services


“One of my friends suggested Trollishly’s TikTok services. I wasn’t so excited but still gave it a try. I asked the customer support team about the TikTok services. They explained it to me so well and helped me choose the right package. Oh my God! The customer service was the best!”

Natosha Jacobs


on TikTok Services


“I wanted to purchase a custom YouTube likes package. So, I contacted Trollishly’s customer support. They were so kind and helped me to buy the best package that resonates with my goals. Thank you, Trollishly!”

Crystal Waston


on YouTube Services


“While purchasing Facebook likes, I faced an issue on the site. I contacted their customer support team. They were so kind and helpful. They resolved my problem within an hour! Splendid service!”

Emma Megan


on Facebook Services


“I bought Instagram followers and forgot to make it public. I reached out to the customer support team, and they were so supportive. Thanks, team!”

Lisa Resnick


on Instagram Services


“I was facing a minor technical issue while purchasing TikTok services from Trollishly. I contacted the support team, and it was resolved within a few minutes. I would definitely like to appreciate the professionalism of their support team. In many other places, they wouldn’t respond quickly, and the issue remains unsolved. But, at Trollishly, everything is instant! Great work, guys!”

Claire Divas


on TikTok Services


“Now, I understand why Trollishly is the best place for social media services. I purchased their Instagram and Facebook services. It was delivered instantly. Not only that, but also the services were organic. I am awestruck by the outstanding service! It’s just amazing!”

Ashley Rosa


on Instagram & Facebook Services


“I am a newbie to Instagram, and I had no idea which Instagram package I should choose. The support team helped me find out the best service for my profile. The service was amazing, and also it proved to be magic to my profile. Superb, team!”

Samantha Smith


on Instagram Services


Is Trollishly Website Legit And Safe?

Are you trying to figure out if Trollishly is safe and legit? No worries! Here in this Trollishly reviews 2022 article, you will get to know why Trollishly is one of the renowned service providers in the market.

Trollishly Reviews 2022

Social media has turned into a part of everyone’s daily routine. Many people say that they cannot live without social media. Though social media came up as a medium to share content and communicate with people, later, it rolled out to be an outstanding marketing tool for brands. As a result, many marketers opt to use social media as a tool to reach their audience. So, they keep trying out various tactics to get ahead of the curve.

One of the things that people try to increase their engagement and online presence is social media services. If you want to expand your exposure on social media, you will need to purchase social media services. As we all know, buying services to amplify your online engagement is nothing new. But, you will need to choose the right provider to reap its benefits. Nowadays, there is a rise in many social media service providers in the market. But are they real and legit? Is the service provider safe? Various questions pop into our heads. Therefore, it is essential to find out if the provider is safe and legit before purchasing their services.

Have you heard of Trollishly when it comes to real and legit providers? They are well-known for their high-quality social media services. One of the most popular service providers is Trollishly. There are a variety of Trollishly reviews that shows both pros and cons of the site. In these Trollishly reviews 2022, we have listed various features that you all need to consider.

Come, let’s check into these Trollishly reviews and get to see whether Trollishly is legit and beneficial for your social media growth.

Why Should You Choose Trollishly?

Trollishly is a reputed social media service provider in the market. They offer various services for social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. According to this site, they state that they are the best social media provider in the market, and also their services are delivered at lightning speed. They also claim that they offer real and genuine user services. Based on our analysis, this website has very excellent benefits such as:

  • Instant delivery
  • High-quality
  • Refill guarantee
  • Affordable prices
  • Guaranteed results
  • Refund guarantee
  • Secured payment methods
  • 24×7 live support
  • Reliable support team

The above features of Trollishly show that they are the best service provider in the market. Though there are many Trollishly reviews online, these highlighted features will give you a deeper understanding of the site. Their social media packages are at reasonable costs, and they also ensure to offer various benefits to their valued customers. Trollishly seems to be a good service provider for all social media users based on the stated features. However, let’s see if they offer what they say!

Trollishly – Your One-Stop Destination For Social Media Services

On the home page of, they state that Trollishly is the one-stop destination for high-quality social media services. It is something that is offered by all the providers in the market. As mentioned above, at Trollishly, you can purchase TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook services. They have a variety of packages for each social media platform. The packages are differentiated based on the cost and the amount of service. While scrolling through their site, we stumbled upon their user-friendly procedure to buy TikTok likes, followers, and views services. These services might be useful for people looking for TikTok services at lower prices.

How Does Trollishly Service Work?

The purchase process at Trollishly is effortless. It is a simple process:

  • Visit
  • Select the social media platform for which you want to purchase the services.
  • Choose the package that you are looking for (likes, views, comments, and followers).
  • Select the quantity.
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Then, it’s the delivery time!

Are you trying to figure out the process? Okay, we’ll explain! For instance, if you want to buy TikTok followers or TikTok likes from Trollishly, you will need to check out the TikTok followers page. You will get to see various packages along with quantity and prices. Choose the one that you need and click on “Buy Now.” Then comes the payment process. Once the payment is made, your purchased order will be delivered.

At Trollishly, they never ask for your login credentials, private information, or account password. The only detail that you need to submit is your social media username or post URL (e.g., TikTok username or TikTok video URL). For followers, you will have to submit the username, and for views, likes, or comments services, you will need to submit the post URL. These Trollishly reviews show why “Trollishly” is the right choice for social media users.

Trollishly – Best Site That Fits In Your Budget

At Trollishly, there are various social media packages that fit your budget. While checking out the site, we came across their freebies. If you are doubtful about the quality and delivery time, you can also try out their free trials. After its results, you can purchase the package as per your wish.

Trollishly Reviews 2022: The Most Popular Packages

Though there are many social media service packages at Trollishly, we have listed some of the services from all social media platforms that would be the right pick for you. Let’s see!

Instagram Followers

At Trollishly, they offer Instagram followers, views, likes, story views, comments, reels likes, reels views, and other IGTV services. Here are some of the pricing details of various Instagram followers’ packages at Trollishly.

  • 100 Instagram followers: $2
  • 500 Instagram followers: $6
  • 2500 Instagram followers: $23
  • 5000 Instagram followers: $44
  • 10000 Instagram followers: $81

100 IG followers at just $2? Isn’t that actually worth it? Yes, they are! At Trollishly, they claim to offer Instagram followers that are from real accounts. You can try out their free Instagram followers trial before purchasing the package. Based on its results, you can purchase the right package that suits you.

TikTok Likes

At Trollishly, some of their TikTok services include TikTok likes, views, comments, auto views, auto likes, and much more. Here are some of the pricing details of TikTok likes services:

  • 100 TikTok likes: $1.29
  • 500 TikTok likes: $5.49
  • 1000 TikTok likes: $9.49
  • 2500 TikTok likes: $21.49
  • 5000 TikTok likes: $41.49
  • 7500 TikTok likes: $62.49
  • 10000 TikTok Likes: $83.49
  • 15000 TikTok likes: $125.49
  • 20000 TikTok likes: $167.49
  • 30000 TikTok likes: $248.49

What? 100 TikTok likes at just $1.29? It’s something that’s grabbing our attention. We researched various other sites. But, 100 TikTok likes for this cost, and also with the features they had mentioned, it’s something that you could definitely give a shot! However, we would recommend you to try their free TikTok likes trial if you are hesitant to choose their paid service.

Facebook Video Views

When it comes to Facebook services, Trollishly offers Facebook post likes, page likes, reaction services, video views, friend requests, shares, and much more. Here, we have listed the prices of Facebook video views.

  • 1000 FB video views: $4
  • 5000 FB video views: $20
  • 10K FB video views: $36
  • 50K FB video views: $150
  • 100K FB video views: $220

We just wanted to list out this Facebook video views service at Trollishly. They have only four kinds of packages for it. But, if you are looking for a custom amount of views, then you can contact their support team. It is because Trollishly states that they can offer customized packages as well. So, try it out and reap its benefits.

YouTube Shorts

At Trollishly, they offer YouTube likes, views, shorts likes, and shorts views. YouTube shorts is the latest feature on the platform. Since shorts are a new feature, we thought we would list out its pricing details.

YouTube Shorts Likes:

  • 100 Shorts likes: $0.89
  • 250 Shorts likes: $1.19
  • 500 Shorts likes: $2.89
  • 750 Shorts likes: $3.89
  • 1000 Shorts likes: $4.89
  • 1500 Shorts likes: $6.89
  • 2500 Shorts likes: $12.89
  • 5000 Shorts likes: $21.89
  • 7500 Shorts likes: $29.89
  • 10000 Shorts likes: $39.89

YouTube Shorts Views:

  • 100 Shorts views: $1.69
  • 500 Shorts views: $2.69
  • 800 Shorts views: $2.79
  • 1000 Shorts views: $3.69
  • 1500 Shorts views: $4.69
  • 2500 Shorts views: $7.69
  • 5000 Shorts views: $14.69
  • 7500 Shorts views: $20.69
  • 10000 Shorts views: $25.69
  • 15000 Shorts views: $38.69
  • 20000 Shorts views: $48.69
  • 25000 Shorts views: $55.69
  • 50000 Shorts views: $104.69
  • 75000 Shorts views: $139.69
  • 100000 Shorts views: $207.69

There are various packages of YouTube shorts likes and views. The pricing differs based on the amount. They ask you to submit only your shorts video URL to get likes and views. If you want to increase your short videos’ reach, then try the above services.

Is Trollishly A Scam?

No, definitely not! Trollishly offers various social media services at affordable prices only. In addition to that, they also offer free trials to gain the trust of the customers. If they are a scam, they wouldn’t be offering any free trials. If you are doubtful about the social media services, you can try out their free trials and get to know that Trollishly is a legit service provider.

Why Is Trollishly Recommended For Your Online Growth?

There are multiple reasons to try out Trollishly for your online growth. Here are some of the reasons why you will need to try using Trollishly for your social media profile:

  • They offer top social media services (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram).
  • Their packages are at affordable prices.
  • They ensure guaranteed results.
  • Their services are real and genuine.
  • There is a refill guarantee.
  • If your service isn’t delivered, you can also ask for a refund.
  • You can use their live chat option or mail them if you have any queries.
  • Their payment methods are safe and secure.
  • Your data are encrypted, and hence it’s safe.
  • They never ask for your account password.
  • They have given the team’s mail ID also to contact ([email protected]).

Best Features Of Trollishly

As per our Trollishly reviews, the site is 100% safe and legit. They ensure to offer free trials as well. If they are a scam, then there wouldn’t be any free services from them. Let’s get to know about a few features listed by them!

Guaranteed Results

At Trollishly, they ensure to provide guaranteed results. So, you needn’t have to worry if your order will get delivered or not. They ensure to deliver your purchased services at an instant speed. In some cases, they also say that it may take about 24 to 48 hours to get delivered based on the type and amount of service. So, don’t fret! If you are very doubtful, you can contact their team.

Real-User Services

As mentioned on their page, they offer only real services. Their customer reviews state that their service is authentic. Though they say that the services are real and genuine, we will get to know their authenticity only when we use them. Before purchasing, you can try out their free trial and get to know yourself about the quality of their services.

24×7 Support

Does Trollishly have a live chat option? Yes, they have! They are so genuine that they had also given their support team’s mail ID and telegram ID for contact. Recently, they have also added a live chat option. Through it, you can communicate with their team. Starting from minor technical issues to purchasing errors, you can ask anything about them. They offer 24×7 customer service for their clients, and that’s amazing!

Affordable Pricing

As per our Trollishly reviews, the site offers all social media services at affordable rates only. To develop a genuine connection with their audience, they also offer a free trial. By using the free trial, you can get to know the authenticity of their services. However, all their social media packages are at reasonable prices only. You can definitely give it a shot!

Final Thoughts

Social media is rolling out to be a competitive landscape with billions of users. It is common for people to try out purchasing services to outshine others and get ahead of the curve. But, it is essential to check out if you are choosing the right one! There are various social media service providers in the market to claim to offer top-quality services, but mostly they turn out to be a scam. But, when it comes to Trollishly, they are definitely legit and safe. Based on our Trollishly reviews, we can say that Trollishly doesn’t scam their customers, and also they ensure to provide guaranteed services. If you are thinking about choosing a legit provider for your social media growth, then try Trollishly. It is definitely safe! There are many alternatives as well, but make sure that they aren’t fake!

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