Turn Reels into Real Money: Learn How to Get Paid Off 'IG Reels' Now

If you want to know how to get paid off IG Reels, the Instagram platform provides the IG Reels Play Bonus program. This is an exciting opportunity for creators to make money from their engaging IG Reels. Read this blog to learn more about it.

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Have you ever stopped at a Reel and thought, how much money is this creator earning in this 30-second video? So, do you know how much money you can make with IG Reels actually? Yes, many audiences and creators have the same question as you, wondering how. Especially for IG Reels creators, the Instagram app has released many monetizing features and one of which is known as the Instagram Reels play bonus.

The Instagram Reels play is an invite-only bonus program. This means that to start earning, you should have an invite that comes as a pop-up notification in your Professional Dashboard on your Instagram account. Keep reading this blog to learn how to get paid off IG Reels.


As of now, the Instagram app is not inviting anyone for the IG Reels Play Bonus. So you are lucky if you have been invited and got the bonus. To get invited, you need to enable the bonus program for your account.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is one of the Instagram app’s features launched for creators to share 15 to 30-second-long short video clips that are set to music, captions, and hashtags. Reels can be shared with Feeds, Stories, and more. This feature is actually an alternative to the TikTok app and also other micro-video sharing apps.

An Instagram Reel can be created within the app or posted from an outside source. The app has incredible video editing features for its users to create super-engaging IG reels, so you don’t need high-end tools to make your videos look incredible. You know what? Now, you can monetize your Reels. So, continue reading this blog to find out how to get paid off IG Reels.

How to Get Paid for Instagram Reels?

If you want to know how to get paid for Instagram Reels, then here are the 3 ways.

a) Brand Sponsorships and Influencer Marketing

The first step in learning how to get paid off IG Reels is through brand sponsorships and influencer marketing. An effective way to earn money from your Instagram Reels is to contact and collaborate with brands that are relevant to your target audience which is called influencer marketing.

As a Reels creator or a brand ambassador, it is important to always look out for energetic influencers. By doing so, they can help your Reels reach their target audience and provide you with an opportunity to get brand sponsorship.

b) Ads Placement

You can consider using Instagram Ads to reach your target audience and to get paid for your IG Reels. In order to be eligible for an Ads Boost, your Instagram Ads need to:

  • Adhere to the 9:16 aspect ratio, which means your Reels need to be filmed in a vertical full-screen format.
  • Be up to only sixty seconds in length.
  • Not have included third-party tools, copyrighted music, stickers, GIFs, and Filters. You have to be the sole rightful owner of the content.

c) Instagram Gifts

Instagram Gifts is a cool additional feature. This feature allows your audiences to show their appreciation for the effort and creativity of your IG Reels videos.

To show appreciation, they will send any virtual gifts, such as reactions to your IG Reels. You will receive $0.01 for every reaction or gift you get for your Reels videos.

How Much Does Instagram Pay for Reels?

Before knowing how to get paid off IG Reels, it is important to learn how much does IG pay for Reels. When your Instagram Reels pay you, then why not give it a try?

  • Instagram is a famous photo-sharing app owned by Meta, which offers bonuses of up to $10K to creators who post videos to Reels to attract more content creators.
  • As a segment of Instagram Reels Play Bonus, creators now will have a huge opportunity to earn up to $10K by posting short videos as Reels.
  • According to a famous article by a magazine, the terms and conditions for the Instagram Reels play bonus scheme are apparent to users.
  • A Reels creator with more than $50K followers has made $1K per month. Even more, creators reportedly received an offer of up to $800 if the total views of their IG Reels received 1.7 million in a month.
  • The Instagram platform advises since the bonus program is being tested with a small number of creators and, in the future, it would be more customized.

So, now get paid on Instagram by creating and sharing super-engaging Reels content right away!

How to Get Paid Off IG Reels?

You can get your monthly income just by posting Reels. Wondering how to get paid on Reels? Well, if you want to start getting paid off IG Reels, you need to follow particular steps and meet certain eligibility criteria. Here are a few criteria you need to follow on how to get paid off IG Reels.

i) Check If You Fit in The Criteria For Play Bonus

First things first, you have to be clear about whether you are a right fit for the IG Reels Play Bonus program.

The eligibility criteria for IG Reels Play Bonus are:

  • An active IG Account.
  • Should be a creator account.
  • Should have a specific follower count.
  • Reels content must be of high quality.
  • Should have a certain overall engagement rate.
  • Aligns with Instagram's policies and guidelines.
  • The bonus program must be accessible in your location.

ii) Enable Play Bonus

  • Before getting paid off from your Reels videos, you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the IG Reels play bonus program.
  • Once you meet the required criteria, you can enable the Play Bonus Program on your Instagram account. And then, search for the option to enter the bonus program to get information if you are in or not.

iii) Criteria to Qualify For Play Bonus

  • In order to be eligible for the Play Bonus payout, you will need to meet certain criteria that Instagram sets.
  • These goals might include reaching a certain number of bonus plays, referring to the total number of views your IG Reels receive.
  • Instagram might renew the Play Bonus deals periodically, so staying updated on the latest info and criteria is essential. Plus, Reels with branded partnerships and sponsored content might not be suitable for the Play Bonus program. So, it is important to be mindful of the type of Reels you create.

Quick Tip:

By following the above criteria and staying dedicated to creating high-quality and creative content, you can get paid off from your IG Reels. You can also turn your passion into a profession right away!

Over to You

Hopefully, you have come to know how to get paid off IG Reels. As mentioned in this blog, Instagram Reels provide an exciting opportunity for users to get paid off and make money on the platform directly. Understanding well about the program rules, like the payout method and bonus period, is important to increase your earnings opportunity.

In order to succeed in getting paid off IG Reels, you need to focus on making authentic and engaging Reels videos that are relevant to your audiences. Finally, to grow your Instagram account and improve your earning potential, the IG Reels Play Bonus program is a great deal! When Instagram paying for Reels, then why miss the opportunity!!

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of views needed to get paid for your IG Reels might vary and is based on specific factors. They are the overall engagement rate of your content and the rules of the bonus program. Although there is not a fixed threshold, creating super engaging and high-quality IG Reels that go well with your audience is essential.

The earnings might vary for every creator and may be based on content quality, follower count, and specific eligibility factors. The money you will be paid for 1K views relies on different factors that include the bonus program’s payout rates and your overall engagement rate.

The time period it takes to get payment for your IG Reels might vary based on the IG Reels Play Bonus program’s payment processing times and payout schedule. It is advised to review certain terms and conditions of the bonus program to get to know the payment timeline.

How to Get Paid Off IG Reels

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