How to Secretly View Someone's 'Instagram Story' : A Step-by-step Guide

Summary: Want to stay mediocre while checking out all the Instagram story updates of your favorite person incognito? Then you should know how to secretly view someone's instagram story.

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The Instagram app doesn't show the person who liked your reels but only indicates the number of likes. But it is not the same as the Instagram story views feature. You can see who viewed our stories. Sometimes, you may want to look indifferent while checking updates of a person secretly.

If you are looking for an answer to how to secretly view someone's instagram story, don't worry; we have got something for you. There are a few alternatives that can help you view stories without revealing your identity. In this article, you can learn tricks to view ig stories anonymously.

What is an Instagram Story?

Instagram app allows users to post photos and videos through the Instagram story feature. These stories disappear automatically within 24 hours of posting. This feature lets the users view the stories in a fast and fun mode.

Instagram story is different from the reels, as reels tend to remain longer when compared to stories. Also, when a person likes the reels or views the reel, we may know only the count, but instagram story views allow you to check the person who viewed your story and likes it.

With no further ado, let’s check how to secretly view someone's instagram story?

Can You View Someone's Instagram Story Unrevealed?

Officially, Instagram doesn't provide this option, but they may feature it. Although Instagram does not feature an in-built opportunity to watch ig stories anonymously, there are some interesting ways to sneak a peep.

So, are you getting excited to know how to secretly view someone's instagram story? With no further warmups, let's look into the tricks through which you could see the stories unseen or watch ig stories anonymously. Neither your account nor your profile gets revealed for watching their stories when you follow the below-given tricks.

Check out the sneaky ideas on “how to secretly view someone's instagram story” below.

4 Sneaky Ideas to View Instagram Stories Incognito

So here's the solution to your question of how to be stories viewer in Instagram anonymously.

1. Create a Secondary Account

Creating a new account with a different name can be one of the straightforward solutions to your question of how to secretly view someone's instagram story. A new account with a different user name will help you stay unrevealed.

It is very simple to create a new account on Instagram. Being an Instagram user, you would have known the steps already. But we recommend you create your new account through VPN to get a different IP address. This step will help you to stay away from being hacked, or it will be hard for Instagram to flag your new page.

Now, you can watch instagram stories of any person you wish without exposing your identity. Quite simple, right? Yes! Enjoy overseeing your favorite person's stories.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Using airplane mode is the simplest way to view ig stories anonymously. You need not download any third-party app or tool, create a new account, or strive hard to hide your identity. Do you wonder if it is possible to view it in airplane mode? Of course, yes! Look at the steps below to understand how to secretly view someone's instagram story using airplane mode.

  • Step 1: Open and log in to your Instagram account.
  • Step 2: Find the profile whose story you like to view furtively.
  • Step 3: Wait until their story appears on the screen. Once it appears, turn on your mobile to Airplane mode.
  • Step 4: Now, you can view their Instagram story as you normally would.
  • Step 5: After viewing the story, close the Instagram page and turn off the Airplane mode.
  • Step 6: You can view someone's Instagram story secretly without getting into the instagram story viewers list. This way, the user will not get a notification about your view.

3. Try the Half-Swipe Method

Instead of viewing the story of the person you want to sneak a peep at, you can just try to click on the next story on the line. Since Instagram displays stories back-to-back, swipe the story slightly so that you can view their story half. Don't click on it, as it will add you to the stories viewer list.

Swiping the story from one frame to another and holding it in the midst will display half of the first story and half of the second story. In this way, you can view instagram stories without revealing your view and learn how to secretly view someone's instagram story, but the only drawback is that you may not watch instagram stories through this method.


Remember to swipe slowly; fast actions will take you to the story you want to view secretly. It is the only sneak preview possible through IG now.

You can try third-party tools to view all stories without revealing your identity. Downloading tools or apps can help you to watch instagram stories without revealing your identity effortlessly.

4. Add a Browser Extension

Adding a browser extension is another wise idea to resolve the question “how to secretly view someone's instagram story”. It will help you view all the Instagram stories secretly. None of the users will notice your view.

  • Step 1: Browse and install the Chrome extension 'Chrome IG Story.'
  • Step 2: Open and login to Instagram's web version.
  • Step 3: Enjoy watching Instagram stories secretly.

Wrapping Up

Though Instagram does not support this anonymous story viewing feature natively, there are a few tricks that can help you get an answer on how to secretly view someone's instagram story. The sneaky ideas outlined in this article can effectively help you watch ig stories anonymously.

Remember, all these ideas will work out when the account is public. If the account is private, it is only possible to view their instagram stories by getting to the seen list. You may try third-party tools to watch ig stories anonymously, but it is possible only by downloading them.

Hope this blog helped you understand how to secretly view someone's instagram story. If you still have queries that pester you inside, we got it - Check out the most frequently asked questions related to story viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anonymous viewing or discreet viewing means checking on Instagram stories without revealing your identity or without appearing on the "seen list." Business competitors mostly check for opportunities like how to secretly view someone's instagram story to beat the competition without their knowledge.

No! It is impossible to see how many times the user saw your story. Just similar to likes, you are only once added to the count. Watching the same story repeatedly will not increase the number of views. You will be exposed in instagram story viewers list once for viewing a story infinite times.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not support this option but you can find some effective methods on how to secretly view someone's instagram story. Try all the methods in the article and enjoy watching your favorite stories anonymously.

It is very simple. Just disconnect the internet connection while uploading and close the Instagram app. Now, go to the IG story page, and you will find three dots. Click and select the delete option. Deleting Instagram stories before uploading is done and dusted.

No! Instagram does not allow you to view IG stories without an account. Yet, viewing these stories is possible using third-party apps or tools. Try to sneak and peak by creating your own account and learn how to secretly view someone's instagram story in this article. Or, you can view stories of public accounts, whereas private accounts cannot be viewed using these tools.


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