How To Start A Live On TikTok

December 31, 2021 Noah

TikTok, the leading social platform, has a multitude of advantages. This social application has been used for various purposes beyond entertainment. It is a commonly known fact that social media are predominantly used only for entertainment purposes. But, today, it has been used for various other factors. For instance, when Corona was at its peak across many countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) spread awareness to curb the spread of disease through TikTok videos. Thus, this mass medium can be used as a tool to save people’s lives. This article will help you to learn about going live on TikTok.

Launching TikTok Live

Here, you will learn how to go live on TikTok. As soon as you open TikTok, you can find the create (+) icon. Once you click it, you will find a menu from which you can find the live option. You can go TikTok live and tell what you share with this world. You can see how many are watching your live video at the top of the screen. This will help you to assess the engagement of your TikTok live video. According to the data from Trollishly, TikTok is a generic social platform where all age groups are present.

Going Live On TikTok

Read further to learn how to start a live on TikTok. It is a well-known fact that TikTok is a global medium that has spread across 150 countries. Nearly one billion people use it. So, it can also be used as an Information medium to convey an important update. Currently, the TikTok live stream is the best tool to make information reach people instantly. Let us assume that you are following around a hundred people on TikTok. If any of them go live, you will receive a notification. So, the TikTok live stream is the ideal tool to instantly pass information or messages to the concerned person.

The Unique Characteristics Of TikTok Live

Live is a feature that is quite different from other TikTok features. The essential factor of this feature is knowing how to start a live on TikTok. It plays a vital role for many purposes. TikTok is the major channel for B2C marketing. Conversational marketing is an effective tactic that many brands have used to establish them on TikTok. Once you launch the TikTok live stream, you can also instantly interact with the viewers in the comment section.

The crucial advantage of conversing with people on live is that you can understand them much better than before. Through live, you get the possibility to interact with people directly. So, you can have a close watch on their behavior, which will help you understand them better. Once you have learned how to start a live on TikTok, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. Hence, it is suggested to give importance to live feature as it works ideally for various purposes. Once you go TikTok live stream, you can talk with your audience and get much closer with them. So, you should understand this feature and utilize it accordingly. As per the recent study by Trollishly, Live content has a higher engagement of nearly 3x than the standard posts. Thus, this data reflects the potential of the live feature, and it can help brands frame their strategy. Hence, one must understand this feature in a better manner and use it accordingly. Today, everyone, including content creators, marketers are using this feature. They don’t find any other feature as practical as TikTok. So, they frequently go live on TikTok and connect with their audience. Today, many brands have been using the live feature as an effective promotional medium. So, TikTok live stream is playing an imperative role across all areas. Hence, one must know its nature and use it accordingly.

Works Best For Gaming

Live feature have evolved. Once you have gained sufficient knowledge about it, you can use it in any possible way. Live feature have undergone considerable changes with time. Teens are the primary user base of TikTok. If you are a teen, the primary one you should know is how to go live on TikTok. Teens are usually avid gamers. Hence, TikTok has incorporated video games live streaming feature into this application. If you are an avid gamer, may I shoot you a question? How do you go live on TikTok and stream the video? You can sync your gaming screen into TikTok, which will help you to live stream the game. Hence, brands can use live feature as it can improve brand awareness effortlessly.

TikTok Live And Influencers

TikTok has many Influencers. You can find Influencers of all categories on this social platform. You can easily spot macro, mini and micro Influencers on this social application. Influencers are using the live stream feature in the best possible ways. Since the feature has better engagement, Influencers are going live and performing. For instance, many exceptional dancers are present on TikTok, and they exhibit their skills. They prefer going live and dancing due to the better traction of these videos. So, if you are a TikTok Influencer, the ultimate factor you must know is how to start a live on TikTok. Once you learn this, you can go live frequently and drive many viewers to your videos. By this measure, you can raise your follower base. So, first, learn how do you go live on TikTok.

The Way Brands Utilize Live Stream

As mentioned above, the live stream has been used in many ways by brands. Brands go live to inform about any new products launch or convey any important announcement to their audience. So, a brand has to go live on TikTok to increase the awareness of its products. Brands can inform earlier by running ads about live streaming the event. However, one should know how many followers on TikTok to go live. A TikTok account must have at least 1000 followers to use the live feature. So, if you want to use this feature, your TikTok account must cater to these parameters. Hence, one must know the number of followers required to launch a live stream on TikTok. Today, many have started to have their entire focus on the live stream. It is because organic reach has dropped down to a significant extent on TikTok.

Due to such circumstances, live features have gained immense importance. Therefore, such factors have made live feature a need of the hour feature. Today, many brands are doing their marketing by using the live feature in possible ways. However, many TikTok users don’t know how many followers on TikTok to go live. So, if you have thoughts on using the live feature, derive strategies to earn the followers that are required to enable this feature. Today, many companies are creating their plans around this feature. They also have the expected growth by using it. So, one can use the live feature and achieve ideal growth.

Wrapping Up

Live Feature is going to have much more transformations in the coming years. So, TikTok users and its content creators must have a close watch and should update them. Live is one of the promising features of this social platform that lead to its growth. Notably, this feature has played a massive role in the development of this social platform.