Top Social Media Networks For Progressive Digital Marketing

July 31, 2022 Steven

Today, social media plays a significant role in creating large-scale digital marketing results. Social media platforms let you reach potential audiences to achieve your digital marketing targets. Before expanding your latest digital marketing approaches, start to choose the best social media. Here are a few checklists to assist you in getting started:

  • Who are you trying to reach on social media?
  • Which platform does your potential audience view their content online?
  • Which messages do you need to send to your potential audience?
  • What is your final business target on social media?

Now, finding the best solution to these queries will help you define your social media targets. Next, if you are looking to boost your business performance, then try Trollishly that helps in generating your online sales goals. You can then focus on choosing social media platforms to do your digital marketing. For instance, if you already have higher engagement on one social media platform, plan what to do next? Say you can spend time creating content strategies on specific social media platforms. Next, several Americans stay active on two to three social media platforms. Hence, why should you limit your digital marketing efforts to one platform?

Everything About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, so-called online marketing, the approach works as an online marketing strategy. Digital platforms leverage search engines, email, social media to connect with prospects. It also includes communication through text or multimedia messages. Are you looking to grow your digital marketing? If so, start to use online services to magnify your online exposure and expand your audience.

How Social Media Networks Speed Up Digital Marketing?

Recent statistics reveal that 73% of marketers trust social media platforms for business. Above all, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products and services. In addition, 71% of consumers who have a positive idea about the brand on social media often suggest it with followers. Now, expanding the customers on social media works through accelerating digital marketing. For instance, when implementing B2B Social Media Marketing, you can share blogs and videos on social media platforms. Like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, and LinkedIn. Also, you can use these social media platforms to improve your video and photo-sharing. Next, engage your audience by asking questions. At last, take a step ahead to enhance your social media engagement by following these methods:

  • Start to use tagging options.
  • Analyze what posts work for your audience.
  • Include holidays and trends.
  • Influence through social media advertising platforms through Facebook Custom Audiences and Look-a-Like Audience. It will improve your reach to social media pages with relevant features to your follower’s email list.

Top Social Media Networks For Progressive Digital Marketing

Below, we will explain the top-performing social media platforms to elevate your digital marketing. Indeed, every digital marketer should know how to reach their audiences, which targets can help achieve your goals.


Facebook exceeds more than 2.27 billion active monthly users. Thus, the network ranks the first position to grow your profile. Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can target your followers depending on age, gender, location, relationship, job role, interests, purchasing behavior. Above all, Facebook lets you Custom Audiences to reach the latest customers. Custom Audiences lists from email addresses or phone numbers which you can collect from Facebook Pixel to focus on followers who checked your website.

Are you now trying to reach new customers on Facebook? If the answer is yes, start to try Lookalike Audiences features on Facebook. These features work on Facebook’s insights – Custom Audiences to reach potential users with appropriate online behaviors. If you think that your target audience is not there on Facebook, you may sometimes be right. For this, Facebook Ads Manager makes the guesswork from the platform. Also, it lets you create and offer your message to the right user on Facebook and Instagram over the website.


YouTube lets your business post and share an unlimited video post, where you can then share on social media platforms. You need to send through email or embed your website for social media marketing. YouTube is the partner of Google, which is an add-on SEO benefit of using the YouTube platform for generating video content on the platform. YouTube has got more than 1.8 billion monthly active users worldwide; it has become the second-largest search engine next to Google.

According to the report, while working on paid advertisements on YouTube, the network beats Facebook for its video content. For example, Facebook charges your account for every 10-seconds of video views, whereas YouTube does not charge you unless a user uses at least 30-second of an ad.


LinkedIn works as the preferred social media platform that works for professionals. Now, you can use LinkedIn to update your business customers, connect with industry partners, and hire team members. Also, LinkedIn works as a professional network; it is the top choice for B2B digital marketing. Based on the fact, LinkedIn serves as the best social media platform for generating leads. LinkedIn reaches up to 46% of the traffic generation to the company’s websites for B2B companies.


Now, the Facebook network possesses an Instagram network. The Instagram network exceeds more than a million active users every month. The platform has relevant advertising strategies the same as Facebook. Instagram is a visual-based platform that lets you feature the personality of your business. It is not a text-based platform and doesn’t allow links within the posts. The best factor about the Instagram platform is that you have access to different tools that you can use to enhance the creative experience of your audience. Moreover,

Now, Instagram is an effective platform for digital marketing approaches. If you like to reach your customers through photos and videos, post your products to engage followers. Next, Instagram hashtags serve as an ideal method for marketers to reach a massive audience. Also, the audience can become elaborate ahead by Instagram Stories, Reels, Live features. It also offers advertising tactics for businesses by accessible options through Facebook.


Indeed, TikTok as a social media platform has more than 689 million monthly active users worldwide. It is an effective platform that assists in offering users a sneak peek behind your business scenes and taking part in viral trends. It also lets its users share short videos for different purposes. These short videos can be trending dance videos, quick tutorials, and comical skits. Above all, share TikTok videos for your business to use TikTok sponsored features for advertising your business.

Key Takeaways

In a nutshell, the buyer’s journey has changed during the last few decades. Say how and where you should go for getting the information, particularly on digital marketing—traditional mediums like TV, print, and radio dropdown. Social media networks or digital mediums have become the critical factor for digital marketing.

There are several reasons behind the shift of digital marketing that helps businesses to reach their potential customers consistently. You can even start to improve a campaign to do success on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. In addition, it makes the digital campaign work incredibly customizable for your business targets.

This article has learned why you should use social media networks to accelerate digital marketing. Also, the blog from Trollishly explains how the top-performing social media platforms work with their in-built features to connect with several platforms and then analyze your performance.