The Potential Of TikTok To Sustain As The Leading Marketing Channel

July 13, 2021 Noah

Today Social Platforms have become an integral part of people’s lives. They are pushing the boundaries frequently and gaining a new form. Today, social platforms have multiple facets, with their applications increasing day after day. So, all these factors have resulted in an increase in their user base and gained importance for marketing. Though there are a large number of social applications, TikTok is given the topmost priority when it comes to social media marketing. In this article, I will shed light on how this platform has gained tremendous momentum.

TikTok ‘The Underdog’

Today, we all know that TikTok is a powerful social platform competing with Facebook and Instagram. But, when it was introduced back in 2016, none expected that TikTok would reach great heights. When ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, rolled out this social application, none knew about it. Only the users acted as its ambassadors and drew others to give it a try. This is the way TikTok reached people during its beginning days. People started to use this social platform without any expectations. Later they were unable to pass a day without using it. Trollishly is a primary social media marketing service that has helped many companies to pitch their products on TikTok and maximized their conversion rate. In the present scenario, many B2C companies have good conversions, mainly through TikTok.

The Flabbergasting Reach Of TikTok

In 2017, ByteDance, the company which launched TikTok, grew as the most valued start-up globally. It attained this reach within one year since TikTok was launched globally. According to a survey conducted in 2018, nearly 45% of teenagers were active users of TikTok. Through this, you could understand the reach gained by this social platform. TikTok accomplished this growth when Facebook and Instagram had conquered the majority of the social media users. TikTok grew as a significant social application when social media marketers thought that no other platform could come close to Facebook and Instagram in terms of user base and popularity.

Today, TikTok has almost 1 billion monthly active users, which makes it the potential one for social media marketing. Before 2019, the platform earned a solid follower base in the majority of the economically super-power countries like Canada, the USA, China, and Brazil. Facebook was astonished by the unstoppable reach of TikTok. On seeing the scintillating reach of TikTok, many brands showed interest in making use of the platform for video marketing purposes. Because if a product was promoted through this platform, it could reach a large number of people due to its vast user base. Trollishly is a service that has laid successful TikTok strategies for many companies. This social application is a huge hit among teenagers. Even a considerable number of Millennials are active in it. Today, these two age groups are the target audience of the majority of the B2C companies. Therefore, this is the reason behind TikTok gaining immense marketing importance.

How TikTok Revolutionized The Social Media Industry?

TikTok is a social application that was launched as completely video-centric. You cannot find static images or a massive chunk of texts on TikTok. When people started to use TikTok, they hadn’t come across such a platform before. Watching an endless number of videos gave them a completely new experience. With time, TikTok was also gifted to have many quality content creators who later grew as influencers. Usually, teens and children are drawn quickly towards visuals. This is the same case with TikTok.

Teens were obsessed with this social application as they could find a vast number of video content. Even Facebook did not give priority to video content when TikTok was introduced. Thus, TikTok took advantage of this and made this social platform completely video-centric. After seeing the vast growth of TikTok, many social platforms were introduced that focus on videos. Today, videos are the most consumed form of content on social media. It all started with TikTok. You may also buy TikTok likes to improve your reach across the younger generation audience.

How TikTok Gave Jitters To Facebook?

Facebook was bewildered as it was unable to hamper the growth of TikTok. Because the rate of increase of its user base witnessed a drop as the teenagers had a huge interest in TikTok. Thus, TikTok is the first-ever social platform that gave jitters to Facebook. Subsequently, Facebook introduced Lasso, a social application that is a replication of TikTok. This was introduced to stop the growth of TikTok. But all these measures went into vain. People did not show immense interest in this social application as it had nothing new. Later, Facebook allotted a section in its application, ‘Facebook Watch’ for videos. You can watch an uncountable number of videos in this section. Recently, it also launched a short videos section. It brought such changes to its social application to put a full stop to the growth of TikTok.

The Eye-Catchy Features Of TikTok

TikTok also carries out various measures to sustain the vast user base it earned over a period of time. It adds new features frequently to intrigue the users and to make them stay glued to the social application. The TikTok duet is one such feature that turned into a huge hit. It merges two different videos in a single frame. Else you can take any other TikTok video and merge it with your new content. This feature helped many to come up with unique videos.

On the other hand, TikTok keeps adding many new filters and effects to its social application. People are keener on experimenting with these filters. For instance, the recently famous ‘Runaway Aurora’ trend had its inception on TikTok. This video has been created from the filter from TikTok. The trend gained so much popularity that we could also find videos with the same theme on other social applications. Thus, TikTok also makes timely moves to sustain its follower base.

Wrapping Up

Today, TikTok has a solid user base across all the developed and developing countries. Though it had a downfall at times, it managed to regain its momentum very quickly. It is also open to changes as it makes alterations to its platform frequently and provides a fresh look.