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12 Major Updates From Instagram On 2019 That One Should Be Aware

February 10, 2020 Lucas

Instagram has brought few vital updates this year which has made the visual platform stand ahead of the fellow social media platforms and to fuel-up its presence in the social media world. Have a glimpse at a few of the significant updates from Instagram that have transformed the platform into more unique than ever before.


Instagram has come up with a most significant update ‘Check-out’ back in March this year that has actually transformed the face of the social media platform. Making the best of its growing user base, Instagram has opened the doors for the brands to ease their business by enabling the users to make purchases within the application. If any product interests you, click it following which ‘Checkout on Instagram’ button appears. Following this, the user can enter the name, email address, and shipping address which will be stored for later use. This shopping can be done without having to leave the application which has added more comfort to the users. There are many service providers like Trollishly who keep them abreast of the latest updates from Instagram.

Shopping From Creators

With influencers playing a dominant role on Instagram as even the reputed brands go with influencers to showcase their and uphill their brand visibility, Instagram has rolled out a new update exclusively for the influencers. This feature allows the influencers to tag the brand they are wearing in the post. Thus, by clicking the tag you will be directly driven to the check-out page where you can purchase the product that was showcased in the post. This feature will actually uphill the value of the influencers and will also increase the dependence of the brands on the influencers. Thus, the update has actually made Instagram into more of an e-commerce platform without losing its lustrous as a visual platform.


Instagram has come a long way since its launch from being a visual platform to just upload party pictures and share with your friends to a part of success in one’s business. The evolution of the image-centric platform is flabbergasting as it has turned into the bread and butter for many. With Instagram being a major catalyst in brand building these days, the visual platform has launched @shop exclusively for small business owners, entrepreneurs and handicrafts from homemakers to fuel-up their business.

One can showcase their product along with a description of its salient features in this section. Thus, the users going through this will reach you out if they are intrigued by your product. Small business owners are benefitting much from this feature as Instagram has eased the biggest task of outreaching the product for small business owners.

Fundraising Option

Instagram has come up with a new update that has nothing to do in uplifting its turnout. The ‘donation sticker’ which can be posted on your Instagram story avails you to raise money for the non-profit organization you care about or to raise money for any cause. Instagram does not take a single penny from this good deed as the 100% of the raised money will go to the non-profit organization you are pointing out. This move by Instagram has garnered a good reputation for it as it reflected its concern towards the betterment of society.

Refurbishment Of Explore Tab

One of the most vital updates from Instagram this year is the revamp of its explore tab. Instagram has brought a drastic modification to its explore tab by adding tabs like IGTV, Shop, Food, Art, and Travel. Thus, the user can go with the tab which resonates with his interest. This addition has enabled the users to facilitate their quest on the post of their interest which in turn has enhanced their user experience. Thus, it has also eased the retailers and brands to reach their target audience. This feature has benefitted the brands much as the feature has availed them to gain more visibility from its target audience which will subsequently uplift their business. There are various social media service providers where one can buy TikTok likes to increase their popularity

Instagram Threads

Instagram threads are one step towards enabling more privacy to its users. The ‘camera-first’ messaging application is designed in such a way that it will help you in connecting with your close friends and family. With privacy being the major concern among social media users, the application gives its users the holistic control over its privacy. With the use of this application, all the stories, photos, and videos you upload through this application will reach only to the people in your personalized group. You can make the best use of this application by creating a personalized list of your close friends or family members.

Alterations To IGTV

IGTV is the one that availed a new experience to the users by enabling them to view videos. IGTV has got the features of YouTube. You can create your very own channel and upload videos. This turned out into a great boon for brands to make exhilarating videos to get into the minds of the users. Instagram has brought two updates on IGTV; the launch of landscape video and posting a preview of your IGTV video in the newsfeed. This will enable marketers and brands to provide a glimpse of the video they have uploaded on IGTV, to the users.

Set Reminder

Instagram has launched a new update to set the reminder for the launch of a product. By this, users will be given a reminder once the product of their gets launched on Instagram. With Instagram turning out into more product-centric, it is in the hands of the brands to get the thrill sustained with the customer until the product gets launched. Thus, by availing this update, one can never miss out on any new product launch from their favorite brand. Thus, this update is beneficial for both users and brands.

On This Day

This update has uplifted the engagement of the users with the application. This update will enable the user to go to the post he had posted on the same calendar day in the past. Thus, it will help the users to reminisce about their days with Instagram. With Instagram being a memory collection platform with loads of birthday pictures, party pictures on everyone’s Instagram account, this feature will help people to recollect their good old days which will eventually put a smile on their faces.

Quiz Stickers

The advent of stories on Instagram has elevated the engagement of the users with the visual platform. Brands have benefitted much by making the best use of the updates that have been added to stories. One among these is quiz stickers which are the medium for brands to stay glued to its users. Brands can post questions related to their brands by using these quiz stickers which in turn improve the engagement between the brand and the user.

Hiding Likes On A Trial Basis

Instagram’s decision to hide likes from its application on a trial basis has come as a shock to the influencers who largely rely on the likes to showcase their reach. The testing which started with Canada has rolled on to other countries, including the USA and Brazil. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram noted that the move is to depressurize Instagram especially for the youngsters and make it less of a competition.

Removal Of ‘Following’ Tab

Instagram has removed the following tab this year pointing out that many are unaware of the existence of such a tab. Followers tab avails users to explore and get in touch with new people. But, many also opined that they are happy with the removal of this tab as the tab has enabled others to get through their activity on Instagram.