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10 Tactics To Boost Engagement On Facebook

February 17, 2020 John

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users and over 1 billion daily active users and considered the biggest platform when compared to other social media platforms. Around 3 million businesses use Facebook as a marketing platform, according to this article. It allows users to create and distribute quality content for followers on news feed, and provides the ability to increase brand awareness, host a 360-degree video, sell products, customer service through Chabot’s, and also serves as a top news source.

Marketing on Facebook requires consistent posting and long term commitment. Facebook is an effective marketing platform for business, identifying them by listing product offerings and services, sharing links, images, videos on a customizable page to build a better sense of brand popularity and credibility.

10 Effective Strategies Need To Be Followed On Facebook

Followers count often looks like a smug number to pursue. The number of followers is always proportional to the impact of how wide the message spreads and the volume of how you convert. Let’s have a look at 10 strategies to increase followers on Facebook.

Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook is an effective hub of information, be it a personal profile, company, product, or even expert or celebrity. A Facebook account can only have 5000 friends but a page can have even millions of people who like it. Create and optimize your Facebook page to get an audience like or follow your page to automatically receive updates from your page in their news feed.

  • Create a page under specific categories: Local Business, Company, Brand, Artist, Entertainment, Cause or community.
  • Customize your vanity URL and call to action.
  • Optimize your photos, profile details, and Facebook updates.
  • Sprinkle with keywords for your business page.

Reach The Target Audience

Attract the right people to your Facebook page and build your presence and authority. For a business account; Random fans are purposeless, they don’t have a positive influence on your campaigns and don’t engage on your account. Find users who are finely tuned to your business and create content that is more relevant to them which in turn provides a greater chance of showing up in their news feed.

  • Build a target audience persona using Facebook Insights.
  • Target particular demographics to promote your posts.
  • Cross-promote other social media platforms with Facebook.

User-Generated Content

Create quality Facebook content to keep the audience interested and engaged. Provide valuable information to build a stronger relationship with active followers and a new audience. Share a variety of content such as images, videos, blog posts. Share User-generated content when you didn’t come up with your own content and save your time and energy. These content are most popular on Instagram and users often buy Instagram views to generate user generated content traffic.

For a business page, User-generated content builds brand loyalty and authenticity. Create an opportunity for the audience to share photos of interactions with your brand or product. 60% of users mostly prefer user-generated content to purchase products or services. Users being a part of your page can help improve engagements and personal bond with your brand.

Promote Your Page With Facebook Ads

Facebook is an effective targeting platform. Create ads in specifically targeted locations based on certain demographics such as Age, Education, Device used for browsing to gather information about the target audience. Facebook Ads can run on impression and click basis and also provides the ability to set a budget for daily limits. Customize your ads by creating different ads for different demographics and garner better results.

Go Live

Interact with your viewers in real-time. Facebook Live lets you connect with people and followers get notified when you go live. During live streaming, the behind the scene videos creates an authentic feel and gives an opportunity to seamlessly interact with the audience and community.

  • Build hype by creating teasers ahead of time when you are going to broadcast.
  • Create a compelling video description before going Live.
  • Be interactive and broadcast a longer period of time to reach more audiences.

Video Marketing

Video content dominates on Facebook and resembles as a significant contributor in marketing strategy. Build brand popularity by uploading video content directly on Facebook rather than sharing it from YouTube. Some people leverage the TikTok platform to create engaging videos and also buy TikTok likes to boost their visibility with ease. Design a creative script and catch the audience’s attention in the first 5 seconds of your video. Encourage users to do an action by including customizable tabs: Follow, Like, Contact us, View website.

  • Create immersive stories with Facebook 360 degree video.
  • Run Facebook Advertisements to get more views.
  • Pay attention to thumbnails.

Engage With Your Community

Start your own group or join a highly engaged relevant group to achieve your goal. Create content with a creative hashtag and share them to get more impressions and engagements. Invite most engaged followers to join the group and provide incentives to attract new followers. Respond to your member comments and feedbacks in a timely manner to increase profile loyalty. Post all types of content such as links, images, videos, to add value for your audience.

Partner With Influencers

Partner with Influencers in your niche to gain more engagement. Cultivate relationships with influencers who have an extensive reach that overlaps with engaging followers. Influencers can be celebrities, domain experts, or bloggers with higher popularity in specific fields. Provide detailed information and let them work for you. Measure the effectiveness of Influencer marketing by tracking links, Facebook impression insights, and amplify your efforts.

Trends In Facebook Marketing

Some of the new trends in Facebook which increases follower’s engagements are:

Polling Stickers – Allows the user to vote on a specific question.

Question Stickers – ‘Ask me anything’ stickers are mostly used in the live stream to engage more audience in real-time.

AR/VR – Allows the user to engage in ‘try it on’ action. AR/VR absolutely helps in businesses and gaming features.

360-Degree Photo/Video – Create a remarkable sense of presence in a 360-degree angle.

Measure Your Performance

Measure your insights to access audience engagement at every campaign with specific tools. The number of followers count is one of the important metrics that add value to the account and to keep an eye on our social media audits to measure performance. Facebook is a flexible platform, no matter what type of business you run. The platform offers great insights for each feature to identify which particular strategy works best and what needs to improve.