Top 25+ SMM Strategies and Tips for Enticing Results

February 24, 2020 Noah

The start of Digital Marketing is 1990 and the evaluation, high storage capacity allowed brands to store and process information effectively, this lets companies make use of online advertising with the extended database. In the 2000s the rise of internet consumers and product searches through the internet instead of consulting sales executives and the proliferation of internet-connected devices such as smartphones has increased the demand for the brand’s presence on the internet. The sudden growth of online advertising has been acclimated to social media marketing.

Experiment With Ads

Ads are the traditional means of advertising for then and now but it has evolved from traditional marketing to virtual advertising. Find the below advertising strategies to incorporate with your social media marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click Ads

PPC advertising can be the most efficient advertising strategy because, these ads can be used for targeting a group of users based on demographics, interested areas gathered from the platform.

Promotional Advertising

This strategy lets customers have samples of the product for free and encourage them to demonstrate or utilize the products and review them. This is a way of promoting the product and conducting ad campaigns to attract customers.

Bandwagon Advertising

The technique is to convince consumers to be a part of a group who have already utilized the product of a brand. For instance, you can emphasize the statistics of satisfied customers to the public and ask them to join with them.

Facts And Statistics

The kind of advertising involves showing proof and effects of consuming a product or service. This can be an effective way of getting more customers.

Multi-Platform Advertising

Increased brand visibility and a good reputation are the key factors that decide the growth and future. All the buzz words like online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing strategies, all are leading to attract customers as much as it can.

Video Advertising

The kinds of video ads displayed on the various segments of feed that reinforce ad memorability. give your customers a reason to consider your product or service with the featured feed on social media. Create Product Demonstration Videos, Customer Testimonials, Instructional Videos, and Behind-the-Scenes Videos which users are willing to view your content almost completely.

Brand Takeovers

A brand takeover is part of brand promoting on TikTok that is displayed on a full-screen, the ad format is pragmatic to brand hashtags Including images, animated GIFs and it can allow clickable links that lead to another site’s landing page.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has occupied 55% of priority in digital marketing, content marketing strategy contemplated as a magnetic strategy of gathering a crowd. Content marketing can be executed with so many characters.

  • Plan blogging
  • Posts and captions on social media
  • Digital magazines
  • Webinars
  • Text messages
  • Email marketing
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks
  • Chatbots

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is still paying a profitable commission if people culminate with buying. This marketing methodology can take advantage of social media features and messaging apps features to deliver high-quality images, videos, clickable links, and product descriptions which eases the shopping process.


Brands can take advantage of micro-influencers because it generates real-time engagement and allows targeted following with a demographic. Here are a few things to be remembered while committing with a social media influencer. The type of broadcasting, the number of followers and reputation on the platform, responses from the followers and so on. There are many social media service providers for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and much more. For instance, one can buy TikTok likes to enhance your account popularity.

Paid Promotions

Paid promotions can be beneficial for a brand at any stage with results of the rapid growth of brand awareness, Promotions such as followers, likes, shares, comments, and views are the source of getting engagement rates on every social media. Paid promotions allow individuals and brands to promote their stuff to a specific audience, and gain qualified traffic and leads, and grow your customer base with the additional features of social media that are meant for creating a network with people from different regions.


Chatbots can handle a majority of bi-directional conversations with customers with its advanced Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning. The 24/7 availability of chatbots can build a trustworthy connection with consumers. Chatbots are faster and cost-effective which can handle thousands of customer queries at a time.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

VR and AR have twisted the way of content representation by giving real-time environment to the customers. Many online shopping brands have adapted this trend and surprises their customers with the “Touch and Feel purchasing” experience remotely.

Social Listening

The task is to congregate queries and complaints immediately, which allows you to handle any problems as soon as occurred. Apart from customer support, social listening tools monitor keywords related to your product or service, features and industry terms, and your competitors.

Live Video

Live video generates more engaging sessions in social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. Live sessions allow brands to share Industry-Related Updates, showcases an event virtually to people. Facebook Live video gained three times increased engagement rate than non-live video posts.

Poll Votes And Online Contests

Social media is a treasure of exciting and effective features that enables brands to grow rapidly. Story poll votes and online contests create interactive engagement with the customers. For instance, Instagram accounts that conducts contests gained 70% of followers faster on average.

User-Generated Content

This provides a pair of benefits for both business and customers. And for your followers, also a trustworthy way to gain more exposure and more customers. Encourage UGC by availing free products to your customers and ask them to demonstrate and review it.

Stories And Posts

The feature presented social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so on has a huge impact on brands. Stories are getting more attention from people than posts on social platforms like Instagram. There are 500 million Instagram users who consume stories every day. Frequent posting of stories can be a more beneficial way of increasing sales.

Call-To-Action Button

The interactive technique to reach a targeted audience can be done on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and so on. On Facebook business page call to action button can be created with many actions such as sign up, book now, contact us and play games.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is another most effective action to take on time for a growing brand. To answer the question of how it works? it monitors the reputation of a brand on the internet and discovering the threats that potentially damaging the name and customer feedback.

Hashtag Optimization

Incorporating hashtags in an Instagram post generate a 12.6% more engagement rate than posts without hashtags and it allows you to categorize your posts to reach the target audience efficiently. Hashtags can be optimized often to have unstoppable growth with increased visibility.

Integrate Blogs On Social Media Profile

Carry out a comprehensive SEO analysis of your website and Browse your website and blog to find out which topics and types of content are common with your target audiences. For instance, not everyone likes to read blogs, some may like listening to podcasts.

Competitor Analysis

This is an evaluation of the position of l competitors and a common market research activity. The purpose is to perform a competitive analysis is to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor’s strategies and bring out a new strategy to overcome the risks. The outcome of the analysis may provide both offensive and defensive strategies.

Messaging Apps

Social media has everything that needs a brand to grow, messaging apps are another effective means that allows brands to target audience, customer handling and takes over the conversations. A platform like Facebook integrated Messenger that allows customers to book for an event, making payments and so on.


The rapid evolution of social channels and digital advertising, content and data-driven marketing stays to dominate 2020 with the extremely personalized content, Augmented Reality and chatbots, Big data, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Immersive Technologies. Customers today prefer personalized experience as the most satisfying climax of purchasing from brands. To stay on the top of big shots brands need to try hard for creating personalized, engaging content.