How To Use Hashtags To Promote Your Business In 2020

March 16, 2020 Lucas


Before getting into how hashtags can help the business to did you know an Instagram post with at least one hashtag generates 12.6% more engagement than a post without any hashtags? This guide will help you to understand all about Instagram Hashtags. Hashtags can drive more intended audience and followers and improve engagement rates, and build a community for your brand. The world has taken over by the internet and everything needs to be converted digitally, to go along with the flow of internet evolution, this won’t be a detriment and almost everyone is being benefited by this. The internet and social media are helping hand brands and the possibilities of success are not less in numbers. Among the brand promotion strategies, hashtag promotion also needs your efforts.

What Are Hashtags?

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded with a hash symbol(#). The hashtag allows users to find any topic or subject accurately. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for a post but many digital marketers believe that 11 hashtags are sufficient to reach the goal. Hashtags can be single or group of words, an event, for instance, #FoodieFriday. You may need to find out how to use hashtags to promote your business in 2020 after reading this article.

Why Hashtags Need Your Attention?

Instagram has surprised its users since its initial release in 2010. But the most significant update from Instagram is hashtags. Hashtags need to be relevant and discoverable, which can target audiences based on your posts and stories. To attract more audience quickly, buy Instagram views which increases brand visibility, or try using similar services to get better results. Using trending hashtags is considered one of the best ways to be caught by the eyes of new audiences on Instagram, And the strategy can drive more engagement and followers which every brand and individual aimed for. Like Instagram, there is another platform named TikTok where hashtags are playing a vital role in enhancing content’s visibility. People utilize hashtags and also buy TikTok likes to grow their visibility instantly.

Use Relevant Hashtags

The best hashtags built with your follower’s voice, which needs to be the most wanted and needed. Using industry-relevant keywords may fetch you in relevant search results. For instance, there are lots of beauty products – related hashtags such as #Beauty,#Makeup, #Hair, #Nails, #MakeupArtist, #Hairstyle, #Skincare, #Lipstick that depicts a more to the specific audience than just beauty. For the sake of getting more views, using irrelevant hashtags on a post is considered as spammy behavior. It may annoy people and people can hide the hashtags. Hashtag utilization is a strategic approach to increase visibility or engagement. Quality content based on people’s interests is the key ingredient for better hashtag marketing.

Make It Short And Memorable

Hashtags are not just a word or group of words to integrate with your posts. Hashtags need to be simple and easy to remember. Hashtags must be specific and catchy, which creates curiosity about your content, but something meaningful like #quotesoftheday. Creating a hashtag is not just picking up a few words but it is like a short intro of your brand and products.

Brand Hashtags

A brand hashtag is a unique tag that represents your company name, tagline, slogan or name of the products. Community hashtags are the way to boost the reach, and branded hashtags are created to go along with the themes for your customers. Allow and encourage your followers to integrate your branded hashtags in their posts and stories to attract the intended audience. Following and engaging branded hashtags may be fruitful to track posts where people are using your hashtag.

Encourage User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content using your brand hashtag build reliability blindly which is the fundamental of online advertising, this means your brand has a good at building relationships with the customers. For instance, we can say Coca-Cola is good at building customer relationships, With over 1.8 million Instagram photos which are tagged #CocaCola hashtag. The number counts the love for CocaCola from its consumers via Instagram. UGC is an evergreen strategy that builds customer trust for sure. Are you ready to teach everyone about how to use hashtags to promote your business in 2020 with UGC?

Chat Hashtags

Chat hashtags are Popular on platforms like Twitter, you can use chat hashtags to create interactive sessions with the user based on their interest. This hashtag can provide interactive and engaging sessions potentially.

This kind of hashtag must encourage a meaningful conversation to make the session worth spending time on it. Social media is shaped by its users and creativity and development are handover to the customer’s hand. Since you are not restricted to choose your niche for an interactive hashtag creation.

Check Out The Number Of Hashtags

The number of hashtags also matters to attract the right audience without any loss. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags but you don’t have to use all the hashtags, as per some virtual marketing experts nine to eleven hashtags are the perfect quantity to drive traffic for your stuff.

Use Specific Hashtags

Using subject-specific hashtags is the right way to handle hashtags and there are some popular and evergreen hashtags such as #like4like, #followmeback, which you can use everywhere. You need to avoid hashtag redundancy and irrelevant hashtag. The more your hashtags are specific, the more targeted audience you can gain.

Optimize Hashtags Often

To get into deep about how to use hashtags to promote your business in 2020 is to optimize it to the current trend. Hashtag optimization can be done through free and paid analytics tools which give insights of hashtag reach, the performance of hashtags, trending hashtags to optimize hashtags for increased engagement rate. The common features of hashtag analytics tools are

  • Related hashtag analytics
  • Top social media
  • Hashtag usage pattern
  • Top languages and hashtag variants by spelling
  • Filter by media
  • Filter by keyword
  • View and click count for every day
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Country distribution among different regions
  • Influencer rankings
  • Top active consumers
  • Most popular mentions
  • Most used keywords
  • Keyword suggestions

Define Hashtag Niche

Hashtags can be defined in many ways with a different niche such as food, beauty and so on. So seasons and celebrations are one the most important niche you can make use of it often according to the days and seasons.

  • Hashtag related to a product or service, #photoframes or #cafe.
  • Hashtags related to your profession or passion #wildlifephotographer or #actor.
  • Hashtags related to Instagram communities in your similar industry, #instagramweddingphotographers.
  • Hashtags related to special occasions or seasons, like #blackfriday or #summer.
  • Hashtags with location, #pariscafe, #madeinnewyork.
  • Everyday hashtags, #motivationmonday, #freshfriday.
  • Hashtags to show what you love to do, like #artist or #photography.

Hashtag Promotion On Multiple Social Channels

Hashtags are implemented on Twitter and other social platforms have adopted the features quickly. Now, these can be used with the “#” symbol on every social media except for LinkedIn. Social media may feature may help to know about how to use hashtags to promote your business in 2020 for better reach.

The fact is undeniable that social media and its features are potentially helping brands to gain more exposure in the market via the internet. The major reason to incorporate hashtags is to gain more exposure from the target audience, hashtags utilization across many social platforms will logically increase your brand awareness. Hashtags can be a successful marketing strategy when it is used strategically on social media, hashtagging your brand and products across more than one platform may teach you much about how to use hashtags to promote your business in 2020. Hashtags allow you to create a connection with your followers by using the same hashtags on more than one platform.

Instagram Hashtags

Like other social media platforms, hashtags on Instagram organizes and categorizes videos and images on the news feed. Since Instagram is availing up to 30 hashtags for a post, we can conclude that the hashtag on Instagram is the key ingredient to gain a more intended audience. Successful brands on Instagram may have a clear idea about how to use hashtags to promote your business in 2020 on the app. An Instagram post with hashtags on a public profile will be visible on the corresponding hashtag page with the directory of relevant images and videos. Below are the possibilities to incorporate hashtags on Instagram.

  • Instagram posts – On Instagram feed posts you can use up to 30 hashtags in caption or comment section.
  • Stories – Including hashtag stickers you can use up to 3 hashtags.
  • IGTV – In the description, you can use up to 30 hashtags.

Hashtags And Challenges On TikTok

TikTok can be depicted as it is made of hashtags and challenges which made the platform a mass hit and fun-filled. Inclusion of #ForYou hashtag is an attempt to get people’s attention at first sight. Being visible on the landing page may secure additional followers. Below hashtags may make you think about how to use hashtags to promote your business in 2020.

# tiktok.

# love.

# funny.

# memes.

# followme.

# cute.

# fun.

# music.

Keep in mind that TikTok is just like any other site when it comes to recommending videos for you to watch: it relies on an algorithm. If you watch 20 videos from one specific challenge, the next time you open up the app, For You might be flooded with nothing but specific challenge videos.

Facebook: Facebook and Twitter follow similar algorithms for distinct URL tracking with hashtags. But Facebook utilizes the hashtag nature to categorize conversations. Searching for a post on Facebook with hashtags is not a tedious task, Simply type the keyword preceding with a hash symbol, for instance, search #football you can get all relevant posts around football. Facebook allows hashtags such as #campaigns and #contests on a mixture of platforms and lets you monitor their performance easily. Promotion strategies lead to expanding the huge crowd by incorporating marketing strategies with it, and the ways are numerous, try Trollishly like social media promoters to speed up the process. The app has already taken over the hearts of both brands and customers, but it still has a long way to go to make it more effective.

Twitter: Using three hashtags in twitter posts may boost your reach and engagement effectively. There are some outperformed hashtag niches to get benefited from, #medicaid, #ico, #ethereum, #aca, and #crypto these are most retweeted hashtags on twitter. #merrychristmas,#giveaway, #contest, #win, and #competition hashtags are the most interactive tags ever that got more replies on the platform. To expand reach incorporate trending topics in your tweets that are relevant to the trending hashtag, your Tweet will have exposure from participants of the conversation. Tweeting with hashtags may help you to reach non-followers.

Pinterest: Hashtags can be used on this Pinterest, But on Pinterest, hashtags, board titles and descriptions or profile names are not designed as actionable features such as clickthrough or clickable. Promoted Pins have restricted the limit one hashtag usage in the description.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn introduced hashtags on its platform recently, and it has an effect on search using hashtags that focus on hashtags. This makes sense that the integration of one to three hashtags in your brand’s profile and the post can help people to discover your brand and content easily. The app never limits you from being benefited by hashtags, keeping it up to three in numbers is highly recommended. Since this platform is being utilized for its potential reach towards their customer may bring even more effective hashtag promotion techniques into it.

Final Thoughts

In the modern world, being present on social media is like breathing especially for brands and individuals. Social media is the place where people put up their time and effort to explore new people, which facilitates brands to expand brand awareness and growth. Brands need to know how to use hashtags to promote your business in 2020 as the initial step of your new marketing era.

A successful strategy starts with knowing your audience and taking the time to be thoroughly familiar with what works on each platform. Hashtags are a great strategy for communicating and connecting your brand with your followers as well as improving engagement rates. While it may need your time and efforts to determine the best practices of your strategy.