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How Your Business Can Capitalize On Facebook Live?

March 20, 2020 John

Businesses can take advantage of Facebook Live to improve their brand visibility and engagement with their target audience. Facebook Live feature enables brands to strengthen their bond with their audience which in turn improves the credibility of the brand. Hence, Facebook Live has its very own advantages availing which brands can maximize their conversion rates and uplift their business. Let’s take a look at the ways brands can capitalize Facebook Live.

Unveil New Products With Facebook Live

Go Live when you launch new products for your brand so that it could reach the majority of your target audience. Facebook has stated that the users spend 3x longer watching a live video compared to other normal videos on the platform. Through this, it is evident that Facebook Live has a huge reach. Hence brands can broadcast their product launch session on Facebook Live and make people aware of their new product on the market. Brands can also go live from a few days before the product launch and make people aware of the event previously. Conduct at least 3 to 4 live sessions prior to the product launch session. The most essential factor in these sessions is that it should enhance the curiosity about the product launch session. Thus, making the pre-promotion for the product launch event effectively will drive more viewers when you broadcast the product launch event on Facebook Live. Thus, many will come to know of the new product when you go Facebook Live as live videos have a huge reach when compared to normal videos. Hence, brands can utilize Facebook Live to launch their new products.

Know Your Stats And Derive Strategy Accordingly

Facebook provides you deep stats on the performance of your live video through which you could understand your audience which helps you largely in framing the strategy. The video views tab provides a comprehensive report on how your live video has performed. The video views tab comprises the data of peak live viewers, minute viewed, unique viewers, video views, 10-second views, and average % completion. All these data will help you largely in assessing your audience. Peak live viewers let you know at which part of the broadcast you had the most number of viewers. 10-second views deliver you the data on how many people have skipped your live video session within the first few seconds of the live stream on any given day. Thus, Facebook enables you to reach them out once again by boosting the video thereby increasing the visibility of the video. Try using social media services to get better results instantly. For instance, many brands would buy TikTok likes to attract an immense audience and stay ahead of competitors on TikTok.

As Peak live viewers data enables you to know the point at which your video had maximum engagement this will enable you to understand your audience better and to which they could easily connect. This will help you much in deriving the strategy for your campaigns as a campaign could turn successful once if it has the elements that could interest the audience. Thus, Facebook live video stats offers you the fruitful data on your audience which you should keep in concern while framing the strategy for your campaigns and to enhance the quality of your product.

Live Video Titles Must Reflect Your Brand Voice

The titles you use for Facebook live plays a predominant role in driving people. Once you go live, your users will be notified along with the title of the live session. Hence, if they don’t find the title to be interesting they may not watch your live session. Most people have liked your brand’s Facebook page only to know the latest updates about your brand. So, make sure the title you provide is informative and reflect your brand voice that could drive people to your live session. Make the description to be more engaging and keyword-rich. Deliver a short snippet of what the live session deals with so that people could have a clear view of the intention of the live session.

Benefit From Longer Live Streaming

Facebook Live allows users to stream videos up to a maximum of four hours. This provides a huge benefit to the brands as they don’t have to worry much about the time limit while going live. Hence, brands can go live while addressing the salient features of their brand at a conference, to explain their product, while conducting events and sessions at their office. These measures will build a reputation for the brand among the viewers. As everyone who liked your Facebook page will get notified when you go live, brands should make use of this feature appropriately. Going live often can also make people turn off notification for your videos. Hence, every live video should be engaging and informative to the audience so that they will not neglect your next live video.

Drive Millennials At Ease

Reports suggest that millennials spend most of their time on social media by watching videos. They are said to be spending nearly 22 hours of a week by watching videos. Hence, brands that focus on millennials should utilize Facebook Live to its fullest and can make their new product launch, campaigns and other relevant activities live on Facebook. Same goes for the brands having children as their target audience as reports suggest that globally 51% of 12-years-old own a Facebook profile. The data shows how influential Facebook is rather than other social media platforms. Children spend the majority of their time on Facebook watching videos. Thus, brands focusing on children should leverage Facebook Live to grab attention as the live video once ended will appear as a normal video like any other video on the platform.

Be Prepared

Before beginning a live video one must be completely prepared and clear on what they are about to do on the live video. Because if you stumble mid-way, it will create a bad impression for your brand among the viewers which will directly affect the image of your brand. Hence, it is imperative to have a well-structured script on what has to be done on the live video. You should also be prepared to handle unexpected situations efficiently during live sessions as some could raise irrelevant queries in the comment section and make you feel uncomfortable.

Build Trust With Facebook Live

The most vital factor necessary to uplift the sale of your product and to gain supremacy is gaining the trust of your target audience. A brand can be at the top of its business and stand out from its competitors only when it builds trust with its customers. Brands can take advantage of Facebook Live as it can be used as an effective medium to build authenticity. Conduct interactive sessions with your target audience through Facebook Live. This will help you in knowing the views and requirements of the customers directly. The biggest advantage of going Facebook Live is it will provide a realistic feel and improve credibility.

Inform People Across Platforms

If you have your presence across various social platforms, inform your followers on all the platforms about the day when you will be going live. There are people who will be more active on other platforms and come to Facebook once in a while so that they can miss your live session. Hence you should follow this measure of informing across various platforms to drive all your customers to watch your live video on Facebook. Bringing all of your target audience together will help you to assess and let others know how many people your brand has earned. Thus you could interact with a large number of people and even your customers can become friends with each other through your live sessions. Thus this will pave the way to strengthen your bond with your customers and bring them closer. Hence customers will have an emotional connection with your brand which in turn makes them stay with your brand in the long run.

Bring Out The Story Of A Customer

Bring out the story of one of the loyal customers of your brand who have been using your brand for a while. Bring him to your live video session and make him tell how much he has benefitted by choosing your brand and become an integral part of his life. Bringing a customer who has benefitted from your brand to your live session will build credibility on your brand among your target audience as they will be seeing a customer who has benefited by using your brand. Make the session more engaging by making him chat with the customers, answering the questions posted by the viewers in the comment section. Making live sessions successful will benefit you in multi-folds as it will bridge the gap between you and your customers and bring them much closer.

Hire An Influencer

If you own an everyday commodity hire an influencer and plan a live video in which he has to show how your brand has become a part of his daily life. This will let people know how your brand has become an integral part of one’s life. Hence, by using this strategy brands could engage with people easily and maximize their conversion rates as influencers already possesses a good reputation among people. Thus hiring an influencer has its very own advantage. Therefore, brands should consider this strategy to uplift their reputation among people.

Take To The Road

Go to public places where people gather in large numbers and spot the people who use your brand. For instance, if you own a shoe brand find people who are wearing your brand and shoot them with questions regarding the way they feel about your brand. Stream all these activities live on Facebook. For live streaming, the person who represents your brand should possess exceptional communication skills and could turn the situation in his favor as the random people you approach could grill you with unexpected questions and make you feel uncomfortable.

Showcase The Inside Look Of Your Business

With its longer streaming duration, Facebook Live enables you to unwrap the inside look of your business to your target audience. Through Facebook Live let people know the working environment and day-to-day processes of your office. Let them know how the products you offer them are manufactured by taking them to your manufacturing unit with Facebook Live. If you are running a restaurant, you can show people how the food is prepared and gain a good impression among your viewers. Rather than making promotions by stating that you are providing unadulterated foods, you could easily convince people by showing the inside look of your kitchen and revealing how the food is prepared hygienically. This is the advantage of Facebook Live as it can be used as an effective medium to build trust for your brand among your target audience.

Strengthen Your Bond With Customers

Facebook Live could be used as an effective medium to strengthen your bond with your audience. Go for an engagement session with your audience. The person who represents your company on Facebook Live is the one who is the face of your company until the live video ends. Hence, go with the person who possesses the intrinsic skill of admiring people with his speech and gesture. Going live will benefit you much as it will help you to know the thoughts of your viewers on your brands directly. Taking note of the feedback you receive during the live session and fabricating your strategies, campaigns accordingly will result in a positive impact. Going Facebook Live will also strengthen your bond with your audience as you could get closer to your customers by lending your ear to their views and conversing with them.


Reports suggest that Facebook Live garner 10 times more comments than regular videos. Thus harnessing Facebook live brands could enlarge their audience base and improve the engagement with their audience. Live videos are said to have 6x more interactions than normal videos. Thus brands should have live videos as part of their Facebook strategy which will benefit them in multi-folds. As every person who has liked your Facebook page will get notified, you could easily drive more people to your live video. The point is to focus on making people stay glued to the live video until it ends. Thus, live videos should be more intriguing and reflect your brand tone.